Like louvers, baffles are comprised of an array of cells, but unlike louvers, the baffle provides a single row of rectangular cells rather than a field of symmetrical cells. The lineal nature of baffles lends itself to applications requiring controlled distribution in one direction only. Typically, baffles are used along walls and corridors where the wider distribution perpendicular to the length of the part washes light down the walls while maintaining shielding parallel to the length of the part.

Baffles are available with either parabolic blades or straight walled blades. Typically these parts have half cells at each end of each part so that they can be joined end to end for an unbroken appearance.

Baffles can be used either as companion parts to like style louvers or as a stand alone element. A perimeter row of baffles around an area that is lit by parabolic louvers will substantially increase that area's feeling of lightness without increasing direct glare from the luminaries. As a stand alone element baffles, are an ideal light control media for lineal luminaries and site built lineal cove lighting either around the perimeter of an area or along the length of a corridor.

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