Citadel 1 is the most traditional gasketed enclosure. The extra width and depth provided assure that you will be able to fit your choice of fluorescent strip fixtures into these units. Citadel 1 is available in both 4 and 8 lengths. Non-yellowing acrylic diffusers seal firmly into a continuous closed cell gasket and are secured with three part toggle latches. The diffusers have an interior stipple finish that reduces direct glare from the lamps. Both the diffuser and the fiberglass housings have easy to clean, smooth exterior surfaces.

We offer a heavy duty injection molded 8 diffuser that is a full .110 thick. Unlike diffusers made of thinner material these parts will resist the breakage that is commonly experienced. This part is compatible with not only the Citadel 1 but also many other housings. Dimensions: 7.31 x 97.50 x 2.75.

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