The cellular nature of parabolic louvers physically blocks the passage of light at angles above the shielding angle. The Specular aspect of the finish on the curved vertical surfaces reflect down at angles equal to or less than the shielding angle. When these louvers are viewed at angles beyond that shielding angle, they will have little of the brightness associated with the light source. The amount of brightness depends directly upon the percent of Specular reflectance from the finish.

Specular Reflectance Semi-Specular Reflectance

The advantage of Parabolic Louvers is the high degree of controlled light distribution that they offer. This precise light control makes Parabolic Louvers ideal for areas with moderate to high concentrations of computer terminals (CRTs). This control is dependent upon the shielding angle offered by the specific louver and degree of specularity of the finish. Parabolic Louvers are the optimum choice for areas where visual comfort and controlled reflection off of vertical surfaces is critical.

P1 .62 x .62 x .45"
16 x 16 x 12mm
42/48 52%  
P2 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.0"
38 x 38 x 25mm
38/ 52 64%  
P3 .75 x .75 x .48"
19 x 19 x 12mm
35/55 78%
P5 .75 x .75 x .35"
19 x 19 x 9mm
29/61 86%
P6 .61 (Hex) x .50"
16 x 16 x 13mm
45/ 45 51%    
AF .81 x .81 x .75"
20 x 20 x 18mm

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